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Tubular Tribute is a sextet from Asturias, northern Spain. These top musicians perform the essential themes of the compositions of Mike Oldfield and thereby bring an ode to the original music of Mike Oldfield. The members of Tubular Tribute powerfully play the symphonies live on stage in which they reproduce the iconic themes that Mike Oldfield has played during his career on various tours around the world.

Band members Tubular Tribute:

  • Richard García – keyboards
  • Ruben Alvarez – electric and acoustic guitars, mandoline
  • Luis Senén Fernandez – drums
  • Ángel Secades – electric and acoustic guitar
  • Ariane Valdivié – vocals, trumpet, keyboard
  • Kike García – bass guitar

Repertoire Instrumental:

  • Tubular Bells
  • Mount Teidi
  • Sheba
  • Ommadawn
  • Punkadiddle
  • Hergest Ridge
  • Return to Ommadawn
  • Amarok Excerpt
  • Platinum
  • Peace / Oribadoo
  • The Lake
  • Tattoo

Pop Rock Songs:

  • To France
  • Poison Arrows
  • In High Places
  • Crime of Passion
  • Tricks of the Light
  • Moonlight Shadow
  • Shadow on the Wall
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