Tubular Tribute – here are the only true credi-bells!

“A perfect portrait of Mike Oldfield”

“Musically a fenomable likeness and similarity of Mike Oldfield”

“To play one note and mean it” Mike Oldfield

Tubular Tribute is a music group from Asturias, northern Spain, who perform essential themes from Mike Oldfield's discography. Six musicians who bring the original Oldfield music in a powerful way live on stage and reproduce the iconic themes that Mike has played during his career on different tours around the world.

Mike Oldfield has an unusual playing style as a guitarist and Ruben Alvarez masters this inimitably, with finger picking and long fingernails on the right hand and different ways to create vibrato: a very fast side-by-side vibrato with the unmistakable guitar sound, the characteristic scorching guitar.

The long instrumental compositions are played by Tubular Tribute in the way Oldfield intended them to be. The most important thing here is to play the music with the feeling that it touches your soul. It is a heartbreaking feeling to experience these emotions from the Tubular Tribute.

But to be able to play the complex instrumental compositions, the entire band often has to change instruments. The guitarists play all the string instruments that Oldfield once used. The keyboard player has a battery of keys around it to make every specific sound that Oldfield made. The percussionist possesses the quality to play the rhythm that makes Oldfield's music so characteristic, and in addition to singing the well-known Oldfield vocals, the singer also plays the trumpet and keyboard.

What in itself is a miracle is that Tubular Tribute even plays pieces that Oldfield himself never played live, including 'Amarok' and 'Return to Ommadawn'. In addition to the beautiful long compositions, the band also plays here and there some of the well-known pop songs that made Oldfield more famous in the 1980s.

Mike Oldfield is still composing new pieces to this day. His latest composition "Return to Ommadawn" was released in 2017. Mike Oldfield has up to this date 26 compositions on his name. One of which is even better than the other. But in which it is still very unfortunate that he is only recognized by his first opus Tubular Bells. Tubular Tribute is one of the few to perform live compositions from the entire Oldfield range and how it should be played with feeling which Mike Oldfield it has intended!

The band format ensures that the Oldfield themes get a powerful live feeling, unmistakable for all fans of the legendary musician and his repertoire. Oldfield used the quintet or sextet format regularly during his tours in the late 70s to mid 80s and Tubular Tribute will remind you of this specific sound and take you back in time. Quality musicians, a well-cared for sound and a directness that will not be left untouched. Even if you don't know Oldfield's music, which is strange in itself, you"ll love it. And if you already know Mike and his repertoire, you"ll fall in love with it again and travel back in time. Tubular Tribute is: Rubén Álvarez (guitar and mandolin), Richard García (keys and background vocals), Luis Senén Fernández (drums and percussion), Kike García (bass), Ariane Valdivié (solo vocals and trumpet) and Ángel Secades (guitar).

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